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Image by Byron Johnson

Connecting People, Plants, and Planet for a Brighter Future

Through virtual consultations, eco-friendly products, and educational resources, we strive to promote plant health, environmental sustainability, and the joy of gardening for all.

Our Mission

  1. Equip the world with the knowledge and resources to master plant and garden care.

  2. Develop and offer a sustainable line of products that enhance plant health while preserving the earth.

  3. Create a movement to make a positive impact on the planet by promoting environmental sustainability through education, fostering a plant-loving community, and collaborating with like-minded organizations.

Our Story

We started out as plant noobs, with a serious case of green thumb envy.


But we weren't gonna let that stop us from growing the gardens of our dreams. So, we put together a team of botanical badasses, science wizards, and startup hotshots to shake things up in the plant world.


The result? A plant and garden center unlike any other, one that's all about YOU and your green thumb goals.


Expect expert advice, planet-friendly products, and a community of fellow plant-lovers to help you make your backyard look like Wakanda. Let's grow something epic, together.

Ready to get some plant help?

Book a 15 minute checkup to get the help you need today.

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