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We're on a mission to eliminate the guesswork in plant care.

"You're either overwatering or underwatering"

How many times have you googled or asked for find plant help only to get this generic answer? 

The truth is, plant care is more nuanced than we'd like to think. And unless we lug our plant to a local shop, there's a lot of guesswork on what we need to do to heal it.  

We wanted to give everyone their very own 'plant' friend.


So we built a team of vetted nursery owners and botanists who are ready to lend a hand, virtually. 

We are on a mission to simplify plant care for everyone. 

No more generic Google search results

No need to carry your plants around town hoping to find an expert to help

No need to get locked into a monthly subscription

Just a 1:1 video call with you, a PlantHero, and your plant. 

Plant Help, from Plant People. 

Our Story

PlantHero started with the story of a single plant, Audrey. Audrey is a Ficus that our founder paid a pretty price for at a local plant shop, however within weeks of purchasing the plant, leaves began to fall off. After hopping on google and finding endless articles with generic advice, he moved it into better lighting conditions, bought a humidifier, and changed watering habits in efforts to fix the issue. The plant shop he bought from offered little help, and without physically seeing the plant phone calls felt like a shot in the dark. So he decided to find someone on his own. After weeks of searching, he finally found someone that was able to help. It turns out the plant had developed root rot because of the soil mix composition. Without having an expert visually inspect the plant there is no way he would have been able to reach this conclusion. With that Audrey was given the care it needed to get back into good health. 


The issue with Audrey led him to develop PlantHero. We are a team of people who are deeply experienced in a range of different species of plants. From nursery owners to growers, to plant hobbyists, we vetted each Plant Hero to make sure that our customers get the appropriate help to keep their plants in the best health. 


Using PlantHero will not only give you peace of mind knowing that your plants are getting the best care, but it'll also help you become a better plant parent. 


A good indoor plant takes time and care to grow, or a lot of money to buy. PlantHero will make sure you get the best expertise on demand to keep your plants happy and healthy.  

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