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Plant care for plant killers.

1:1 support from thoughtful plant specialists to clean up your plant and garden crimes.

Jori Johnson

“So helpful and knowledgeable about most all of the plants I was concerned about. I learned so much, and feel much more confident about being able to nurture my plants correctly and not just keep them from dying!”

Book a checkup

We even do same-day appointments, so your plants can get the urgent care they need.

15 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for 1 plant only



30 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for 1 or more plants

Personalized Health Report



45 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for a garden of plants

Personalized Health Report



Stop the murder, spread the love.


Gift Card

Do you suspect someone in your circle may be a plant killer? This might be the perfect gift.

soil-mini-evergreen (1).png

Living Potting Soil

Plant in earth friendly soil that will naturally boost plant growth and provide pest resistance.


Nutritional deficiencies. Pest problems.
Emotional meltdowns.

Finding the root cause of your plant’s suffering can be hard. Our team of plant specialists make it simple.


Clear answers. Actionable help. No Bullsh*t.

Whether you’re trying to rescue a money tree or grow a garden of veggies, we’ve got a custom plan for you.


Having a plant emergency?

Our plant specialists provide urgent care for your indoor and outdoor plants over video chat.


Become the hero your plants deserve.

Want to grow an edible garden? Want to spruce up your shady apartment? Find a plan to reach your goals.

Having a plant emergency?

Chat to our specialists and we’ll help you get to the root of the issue and provide a set of remedies to help.

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