Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need you? Can't I use online forums to get this information for free?

Is WebMD sufficient for when you're sick? Then online forums should suffice :)


In all seriousness, we highly suggest you give forums a try - here is the main challenge:

You're getting advice from people with an unknown level of experience. People looking at your plant won't be asking you the right questions before providing solutions. But it's also free, so...we get it. If forums worked for us we wouldn't have built this app! 

PlantHero is designed to create long-term care for your plants with a personal touch. 

Who are your typical clients? 

Our clients are across the spectrum from those who just bought plants for their home to plant veterans that need more niche advice. 

How often should I consult with a Plant Hero?

As little or as often as you like! Generally, we see a once a quarter booking with our clients to make sure things are going smoothly. 

What if I'm not happy with my call?

If you're unhappy with your call, we will provide you with a 100% refund on your call. No questions asked. 

What if I need to reschedule my call? 

For any changes you need to make please send us an note to and we'll gladly help you reschedule. 

Who are the Plant Heroes?

Our team of vetted Plant Heroes is drawn from a diverse pool of gardeners, farmers, botanists, and hobbyists with a deep horticultural background and demonstrated expertise. 

Will I get the same PlantHero next time? 

We like to pair you up with a primary plant specialist, so you get consistent care from someone who knows the history of your particular plant. If you'd like to try someone else, feel free to let us know at 

What happens if I own a super rare plant that my Plant Hero doesn't know?

There may be times where even our experts might not have the answer straight away. In this case, we will do the research and get the answers we need and get back to you with no additional charge. 

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