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Grow Your Garden


Grow Your Garden


12 Month Program


Different garden issues and care practices can arise seasonally. This plan is designed to tackle any problems before they arise and to set general care goals to keep your garden healthy throughout the year. We can help with any type of garden including ornamental landscape plants, edible plants such as fruit trees and veggies or even green roofs.

Issues we'll cover
  • Pest and disease management

  • Soil health

  • Plant nutrition

  • Pruning techniques

  • Water schedules

  • Plant recommendations and placement

  • Planting

  • General plant care

Plan includes
  • 4 × 45 minute Zoom calls booked at your preferred date and time, but are designed to be booked quarterly for the maximum, seasonal benefit.

  • a personalized plan that you can access to keep up with goals and review the recommendations from your garden specialist.

Your plant specialist

Karly Ray

Karly is a horticulturalist from Southern Arizona and succulent nursery owner. She’s helped operate farms and nurseries around the country, holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, and a certificate in Urban Organic Farming.

“I worked with PlantHero to review both my indoor plants and my outdoor garden. I was absolutely amazed by their patience, explanations in layman's terms, knowledge, and creative solutions. They helped me solve everything from trees dying back to fungal issues and pest control. PlantHero took into account the safety of my child and dog!”

Gana Raman

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