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Wilting Money Tree? 

Contrary to what most claim, Money Tree's can be incredibly fussy at the slightest change in their environment.


Money Trees are extremely finicky.

We've consulted with hundreds of Money Tree owners.

Let's break down some of the major areas that could be causing issues for your tree. 

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Nutrient Deficiences

A lack of fertilizer can result in nutrient deficiencies. Fertilize with a well balanced fertilizer throughout the spring and summer months. 

Our specialists can assess for specific deficiencies and severity. 

Root and Trunk Rot

Excess soil moisture create an environment for anaerobic bacteria to feed on the trunk and roots, causing them to rot. Your plant may require a repotting into coarse soil, with a regimen change on how frequently you're watering. 

Our specialists can look at your Money Tree's root and trunk health to help you determine the best course of action.

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Burned leaves or elongated stems

Money Trees have thin leaves that are more prone to leaf burn. If your Money Tree is facing east our south facing windows, you may be dealing with leaf burn. If your money tree isn't receiving adequate lighting, it may be causing the stems to stretch or elongate. 


Our specialists can assess the lighting of your space and your money tree's leaf health to determine the appropriate solution.


Don't Delay.
Get help right away.

We even do same-day appointments, so your Money Tree can get the urgent care it needs.

15 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for 1 plant only



30 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for 1 or more plants

Personalized Health Report



45 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for a garden of plants

Personalized Health Report


Get a personalized plan for your Money Tree.

Our specialists will ensure your plant gets the best care.

We've helped many Money Tree parents just like you.

Your plant will thank you for bringing it in.

Joy Shi

"The caliber of knowledge at PlantHero way surpassed anyone I've ever encountered at local plant shops. I will be calling them again, likely in six months!"

T’helah Ben-Dan

"hands down, one of the top 5 best decisions I've made this year. Karly was incredibly knowledgeable and personable, answered every question I had, and gave lots of additional tips."

Arjuna Chottera

"Absolutely amazing with the information about my current plant situation right now it gave me SO much hope that these can be brought to state where they are healthy."

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