Meet our Plant Heroes






Sophia is an environmental scientist, botanist, and all-around plant lover. She fell in love with plants at a very young age, which lead to her extensive study and research in all things plant related. She specializes in building green spaces for climate change, identifying and diagnosing indoor and outdoor plants and trees. She has a passion for helping others build sustainable eco friendly gardens. 

Michael has always had an appreciation of the natural world around him while growing up in central North Carolina. His interest in plants developed during his undergrad at East Carolina University and led him to pursue advanced courses during his master's degree at Virginia Tech. Currently, he owns a small nursery that promotes non-invasive and native ornamentals in addition to house plants, vegetables, and pasture-raised animal products. If you can't find him in the garden, check the airwaves as he's also an avid amateur radio operator.

Megan is a Botanist that runs her own farm in Vermont. She has expert knowledge in a large variety of houseplants and crops, organic and conventional growing methods, propagation, ecosystem dynamics and pest management.


In other words, she's an absolute wiz kid. 




Ian owns and operates a small silvopasture farm in the Pacific Northwest. He is an environmental lawyer and professor, but his love of nature lured him away from law and into the world of horticulture, botany, and sustainability. Known to his friends and family as an agent for “plant protective services”. He's the go-to person they call about gardening, landscaping, or botany. Ian has made it his life’s work to study and care for a vast array of species.