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Meet our Plant Heroes

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Karly is a horticulturalist from Southern Arizona who owns a small succulent nursery. You’d be hard pressed to find a succulent question she can’t answer. She has helped operate farms and nurseries around the country, holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and a certificate in Urban Organic Farming. In Karly’s spare time, she pretends she has interests that don’t involve plants, but can be found tending to her community garden plot, scrolling through pictures of plants and bending corners in seed catalogs.

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Amanda Rose is a Florida certified horticulture professional, board certified entomologist, beekeeper, and educator. She holds an Associates of Science in Horticulture Technology, A Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, a Master’s of Science in Entomology with a specialization in Integrated Pest Management, and is currently finishing her PhD. Her three favorite things in the world are insects, plants, and talking to people about insects and plants which she is fortunate to do as a Plant Hero! When not working, Amanda spends as much time as possible exploring the diverse habitats of Florida and (overenthusiastically) educating others on the unique insect and plant life present in our own backyards.

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Jared is a certified soil technician and enjoys using his microscope to examine the plant related benefits of the microbial world in the soil. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Ornamental Horticulture and is currently finishing a Master’s in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Environment. As a kid, he came home from the thrift store one day with a 400+ page book on house plants so he could learn all the scientific names of mom’s plants. Ever since, he has been on a never-ending quest to know all the plants. He has worked in landscaping, nurseries and operated an award winning on-farm restaurant.


Ian owns and operates a small silvopasture farm in the Pacific Northwest. He is an environmental lawyer and professor, but his love of nature lured him away from law and into the world of horticulture, botany, and sustainability. Known to his friends and family as an agent for “plant protective services”. He's the go-to person they call about gardening, landscaping, or botany. Ian has made it his life’s work to study and care for a vast array of species. 

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Ankur, easily the least experienced of the group, owns tons of houseplants and had such a hard time keeping them alive that he created PlantHero. However, after a thousand calls with plant and garden owners around the country, it's safe to say he knows a little more than he used to. While he isn't worth $40 to talk to, hit us up if you want to speak to him about his experience building PlantHero. Fun Fact: His name actually translates to "Germination" in Hindi, so I guess he found his calling.

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