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7 Handy Plant Care Tips for the Fall

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Leaf falling season has arrived. Don't worry Bob Marley, we'll guide you through what to do!

1. Stop fertilizing your plants until the Spring

As plants transition to fall, they generally tend to slow down on their growth and production of new leaves until the spring. For this reason, they won't need any fertilizer. Any extra fertilizer in the soil could create an environment for pests to show up, so it's best to avoid fertilizing entirely.

2. Move your tropical plants inside

Winter is coming, so any plants that aren't cold tolerant should be brought in and preferably placed near a window. Be sure to wipe them thoroughly though to avoid any outdoor critters signing up as free roommates.

3. Expect some leaf drop

It's fall, just as new leaves have been born, we may have to say goodbye to some of the older ones. This is totally normal. Remember not to clip them off. Plants draw down nutrition from the leaves that are dying so it's best to keep them on until they are totally dead.

4. Reduce your watering

As the winter sets in, plants will no longer be consuming as much water as they did in the Spring and Summer. For this reason, start to observe the soil moisture levels scrupulously and reduce your watering accordingly. It's usually better to be on the drier side to avoid root rot.

5. Be careful about plants placing near heaters

Heaters may burn or dry out the leaves of a nearby plant, so remember to place your plants a good distance away from any heating sources.

6. Humidity levels will change

This is totally okay. If you'd like to mist your plants with water, go for it! We generally advise letting the plants adapt to the conditions of your home and not to pamper them too much.

7. Wait until the Spring to repot

Because the root growth will slow down, it's best to let them be in their existing pot if your plants are healthy (there are certain exceptions to this).

If you'd like some help on your houseplant or garden going into the fall, feel free to book a Plant Checkup, we're here to help!

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