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Give your houseplant superpowers.

Soil that strengthens your plants and protects them from pests and root rot. Earth-friendly ingredients only.

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin

Potting soil has a dirty secret.

Most soils available in your local nursery are full of synthetic chemicals that aren’t great for longterm plant health and are terrible for the planet.

Plants prefer soils with diverse microbial life.

A healthy gut equals a healthy body. And the same goes for your plants. A soil with high microbial diversity acts like a gut for your plants, breaking down essential nutrients and helping them fend off pests and diseases.

Image by Daniel Hajdacki

We completely rethought soil from the ground up (literally).

PlantHero Super Soil nourishes and protects your plant, and is made from 100% earth-friendly ingredients.

Promotes strong root, stem, and leaf growth

Our soil is packed with a large diversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi that boosts your plants health.

Resistant to pests, root rot and climate stress

Our soil contains specific nematodes and protozoa that feast on pests like spider mites and gnat larvae, helping to prevent pest and pathogen outbreaks. And our biochar helps plant roots better handle environmental stress, leading to a healthier, more resilient garden.

Soil Food Web that manages and recycles nutrition

Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent fertilization - our active microbiome helps your soil and plants work together to recycle nutrients naturally.

Earth friendly, no synthetics or mined ingredients

Our soil is like a luxury apartment complex for microorganisms, complete with a biochar-infused foundation and plenty of breathing room for the roots. Bonus: it's even carbon negative, so you can feel good about using it in your garden.

Us vs. Them

How we stack up against mainstream soil brands

Increased Pest Resistance
Vector (2).png
Increased Root Rot Resistance
Vector (2).png
Recycles Nutrition
Vector (2).png
Protects against climate stress
Vector (2).png
Environmentally Friendly
Vector (2).png

It's time to upgrade your soil.

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