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About our soil


Big box-store soils are often chemical-laden and lack beneficial life forms for your plants' long-term health. After 2,000+ plant checkups, we realized the world needed a better home for their potted plants. Healthy plants need living healthy soil. So we created a superior soil blend with the guidance of the best soil scientists to provide everything potted plants need to thrive. Our soil is made in-house at our farm lab in Port Townsend, Washington.

Mother Probiotic Potting Soil

    • Our proprietary mother culture with over 900 beneficial micro-organisms is designed to serve as a complete living system for your plant to help with leafy green growth, pest and pathogen defense, and moisture and nutrient retention.
    • Carbon-negative biochar helps improve soil fertility and provides ample aeration for the plant's roots. It gets bonus points for being an excellent way to sequester CO2 as well. Biochar is also how our soil gets its beautiful blackish color.
    • Green Compost created from heat-treated green waste materials
    • Worm Castings (or worm poo) are a crucial source of nutrients in our soil for your plant (and the micro-organisms) to be healthy.
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