Plant Care

On Demand Plant Experts


  • A 30 minute call to address specific issues.

  • A 1 hour consult to cover your entire plant collection

  • 15 minutes to pick the right plants for your home!

About Us

We're a team of house plant experts that wanted to build a better way for people to get help with their plant babies. 

What Plant Owners Say

"Will definitely use this service again!"

"The Plant Doc has arrived"

"Therapist-level support"

"I spent so much time googling and trying stuff with no luck! It was so much easier to Zoom with a PlantHero and talk it out. Way faster and def worth the time saved!"

"For the amount I've invested in my houseplants, having a service like this to utilize gives me a peace of mind."

"I've got an emotional connection with my plants. Our Plant Hero provided therapist-level support and we are thriving."

Vidya N, San Francisco

Tom R, Austin

Kyle W, Chicago