Plant Care

Telehealth for Houseplants and Garden

The Plant Checkup Experience


Schedule your Plant Checkup. We'll ask you a few preliminary questions about your plants

Connect with a plant specialist over a video call who will inspect each plant with care

Receive a summarized diagnosis and recommendations to get your plants into their best health 

Our Services

  • A 30-minute video call to inspect your plants and get them treatment.

    30 min

    30 US dollars
  • A 45-minute video call to get an in-depth inspection of your garden.

    45 min

    50 US dollars

What Plant Owners Say

"Will definitely use this service again!"


"Therapist-level support"

"I spent so much time googling and trying stuff with no luck! It was so much easier to Zoom with a PlantHero and talk it out. Way faster and def worth the time saved!"

"This was the absolute best thing I have ever done for my plants. Hands down! SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS COMPANY!"

"I've got an emotional connection with my plants. Our Plant Hero provided therapist-level support and we are thriving."

Vidya N, San Francisco

Katie K, Oswego

Kyle W, Chicago

Meet our Plant Heroes

There are many paths to expertise, both via formal and informal education. Our team of vetted Plant Heroes is drawn from a diverse pool of gardeners, farmers, botanists, and hobbyists with a deep horticultural background and demonstrated expertise. 

Our Commitment

  1. You will get quality care from a verified plant specialist

  2. We will give you a 100% refund if you're unhappy with the experience, no questions asked. 

  3. We'll make sure to provide specific care for your plant, not provide you with generic advice. 

  4. We will set you up with a primary PlantHero, so you get consistent care from the oversight of one person as you acclimatize to being a plant parent.