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Plant emergency?

Our plant specialists provide urgent care for your indoor and outdoor plants over one-on-one video chat.

Checkup Choices

Book a checkup

We even do same-day appointments, so your plants can get the urgent care they need.

15 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for 1 plant only



30 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for 1 or more plants

Personalized Health Report



45 Minute Checkup

Video checkup for a garden of plants

Personalized Health Report


99% of our customers rate us a 10/10.

Your plants will thank you for bringing them in.

Joy Shi

"The caliber of knowledge at PlantHero way surpassed anyone I've ever encountered at local plant shops. I will be calling them again, likely in six months!"

T’helah Ben-Dan

"hands down, one of the top 5 best decisions I've made this year. Karly was incredibly knowledgeable and personable, answered every question I had, and gave lots of additional tips."

Arjuna Chottera

"Absolutely amazing with the information about my current plant situation right now it gave me SO much hope that these can be brought to state where they are healthy."

We cover all types of issues.

Seek comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for the root cause of any symptom.

  • leaf & stem health

  • pathogens

  • infestations

  • animal damage

  • climate stress

  • soil issues & root health

  • nutritional deficiencies

  • plant-sitter mishaps


We get our hands dirty.

Our plant specialists are experts in both indoor and outdoor plants, and are familiar with all USDA Plant Hardiness zones.

Ian Brown

Ian owns and operates a silvopasture farm in the Pacific Northwest. His love of nature lured him into the world of horticulture, botany, and sustainability. He's the go-to person his friends and family call about gardening, landscaping, or botany.

Karly Ray

Karly is a horticulturalist from Southern Arizona who owns a small succulent nursery. She has helped operate farms and nurseries around the country, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and a certificate in Urban Organic Farming.

How do checkups work?

Our plant checkups are designed to be simple and convenient so your plants can get the remedies they need as soon as possible.

Answer some questions

First you’ll have to fill out form that will allow our plant specialists figure out how to best help your plant.

Meet 1:1 with a plant specialist over a video call

Speak to a plant specialist who can carefully inspect your plant and garden and provide an acute diagnosis.

Get a personalized plan

Get a personalized treatment plan with product recommendations and instructions to get your plants back into stellar health.

100% money back guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, we’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Need more care?

Our custom Growth Plans will help you reach your mid to long term plant and garden goals.


Become the hero your plants deserve.

Want to grow an edible garden? Want to spruce up your shady apartment? Find a plan to reach your goals.

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