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Custom plans for greener thumbs.

Plant emergencies aren’t fun, so we’ve tailored these plans to build the skills you’ll need to keep your plants and garden in the best shape.


How do Growth Plans work?

We coach you throughout the year so you can grow a garden that's greener than your neighbor's envy.

Reach your garden goals

Whether you’re new to owning houseplants or you’re looking to grow your own garden, our specialists will coach you throughout the year to ensure you reach your goals.

Personalized plan for the entire year

Our plant specialist devises a custom plan based on your needs. You’ve now got an accountability partner to garden alongside.

Quarterly coaching with an expert

Through quarterly coaching, you’re able to keep a track of your progress, and get additional input where needed.

Track your progress throughout the year

Our specialists will maintain an online record of your work together so you can keep track of things as the seasons change.

Ready to grow?

Choose the plan that's right for you.

Plant Clinic

Need more time with our specialists about a specific issue? This pass is perfect for those who need more time to nurse their plants into better health.

Plant Parenthood 101

Plant parenthood can be intimidating. Learn all the skills you need to keep your houseplants happy and thriving throughout the year.

Grow Your Garden

Redesign your garden, learn to grow vegetables and take the best care of your most precious outdoor plants.

Ready to get some plant help?

Book a 15 minute checkup to get the help you need today.

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